So it’s been a busy year so far. 2012 is the year that I: bought a house, turned 30, changed jobs (twice!) and (in a few weeks) get married. All in all, a hugely hectic 12 months.

On the job front, at the beginning of the year I left my Digital Marketing Coordinator role at Tourism Queensland, although I had some serious fun while I was there. I then headed on over to agency-land, although only lasted 5 months there; unfortunately, it turned out that the environment just wasn’t my type of gig.

And now, for the last two months, I’ve been working in a new in-house role that I had to keep on the downlow due to the brand not actually having been publicly launched.  But with the launch of today, I can finally say that I’ve accepted a role as SEO & Earned Media Manager for Compare the Market Pty Ltd.

And if you think this post is just an excuse for link drops… well, you may know me better than you think.