Tomorrow I bid farewell to my twenties. It’s been a good decade, and one on which I’ll look back fondly.
In my twenties I:

  • Graduated from University with a BA (Hons) English Post-Grad Degree.
  • Lived the life of a (lesser) rock star, with a lot of radio airplay and two commercially released albums under my belt.
  • Enjoyed a hedonistic and debaucherous “playing the field” stage.
  • Realised that cats actually aren’t so bad.
  • Had my heart broken numerous times, once after travelling over 10,000 km to be with the girl.
  • Said goodbye to my Nina.
  • Threw up from drinking too much.
  • Became an uncle… twice.
  • Uprooted my South African veldskoene and emigrated to Australia.
  • Cried.
  • Became an Australian citizen.
  • Changed jobs and career paths a handful of times.
  • Laughed.
  • Watched personal heroes such as Dylan, Clapton, Taylor, Rodriguez, Ryan Adams and more perform live.
  • Realised that if there’s one thing you’ll miss, it’s the friendships you had back when icecreams were made to dribble down your grubby hand, and the only thing worth worrying about was who would get to be the king of the fort (treasure them).
  • Met, fell in love with, and proposed to a girl who never ceases to amaze me with her impromptu dances.
  • Purchased my first house, along with said fiancee.

Tell you what… if the thirties are anything like the twenties, I say: bring ’em on!