So, lately I’ve been delving ever-deeper into the world of social media. [If you follow any of my social profiles, you might have seen that lately (and don’t even get me starting on measuring metrics of social media… that’s going to have to wait for another post)]. That’s not to say that I haven’t been involved in it before now; but lately I’ve really been studying the dynamics of it a lot more. And, predictably, there are a few things that I’m struggling with. So I now present to you, “Things I Find Hard About Social Media #1“.

The first thing I find difficult about “Social Media” is the tenet of “Don’t Be Afraid to Let Other People Take Your Idea and Run With It“. (or, as Rohit Bhargava termed it, “Don’t be afraid to let go of a message or idea and let others own it“).
Now, don’t get me wrong here, I can definitely understand that in a world made for sharing ideas and collaborating, this is a belief that should basically go without saying. That said, it’s my sheer human nature that I get… well, let’s just call it slightly protective over things I consider “my baby”.

I’ve always been like that, even in my old band days… songs that I wrote were “my babies”, and accepting others had ideas about those songs always made me slightly agitated. Most of the time they were great suggestions, but all the same, I selfishly wanted it to be known that these were my songs.

Stupid, huh? But that’s me.

Or, I suppose, it was me. I’m trying to change that. Where I can, I’m collaborating with people online to try and further ideas, to further learning, and, ultimately, that furthers my own education. But, when it’s an idea of mine that gets picked up and run with, ultimately being claimed as another’s, I admit to still feeling a pang of… pettiness, about it.

As I said, I’m trying. Not always succeeding, but it’s a journey, no? But that’s #1 in a series of things I find difficult about social media. What’s yours?