Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever read. Or, quite possibly the most heart-breaking, depending upon your point of view. It’s always hard to tell, with Bill Murray.

At around 3:30 on the morning after Halloween, two dozen twentysomething hipsters linger at a loft party in East Williamsburg. The kegs are dry, but die-hard stragglers are still dancing drunkenly in the main room. Dave Summers, a 29-year-old grad student at the Bank Street College of Education and one of the party’s hosts, has dressed as a cloud for the night—his baby-blue T-shirt and baseball cap covered in dozens of white cotton balls. While several guests have come as Sarah Palin, one is in a furry yellow duck costume. Another is Bill Murray’s character from the 1980 film Caddyshack.

Suddenly, one of Dave’s guests runs over to tell him: “The real Bill Murray just walked in the door.”

“You’re joking,” Dave scoffs.

“No, really, he’s here.”

Still not entirely convinced, but worried the actor might leave if there’s no booze, Dave runs to a nearby bodega to grab some beer. When he returns, the shopping bag breaks in the hallway. As errant bottles roll across the floor, suddenly there’s Bill Murray—leaning down to help collect the beer and even sticking one in his shirt pocket.

Soon the 58-year-old actor—dressed as himself, Dave and his friends presume—is trading quips with fresh-faced Ivy League grads in the loft’s hallway, while drinking a bottle of Modelo Especial. Eventually Bill even hits the dance floor and displays some decent moves. “It wasn’t like he was John Travolta or something,” said one observer afterwards, “but it wasn’t embarrassing.”

The whole scene is kind of goofy and light-hearted until a young male guest approaches Bill, who is probably his dad’s age, and says, “I think you’re making bad life choices.” It is as if someone has told the emperor he isn’t wearing any clothes. After the dancing, and the beers, and a weird conversation with Dave about the joys of sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows (inspired by the cotton ball cloud costume), the Oscar-nominated star cordially thanks his hosts and slips away into the night.

Read the whole article here. For some reason, this seems like some kind of beautiful fairytale to me.